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Bringing  you info primarily focused on Shinjuku & TOKYO

Shinjuku Tube brings you information mainly focused on foods, tourist attractions, date pots, historical sites, events and so on out of Shinjuku & TOKYO.

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Fantastic Shinjuku & TOKYO for you by Shinjuku ite

Shinjuku has many world #1 records such as the number of train users, train departures and  building exits. Shinjuku is the center of business and leisure activities in Tokyo, hence attracts the most of the tourists visiting in Tokyo. Yet, the problem is hard to spot on the right info out of  many many places and events in Shinjuku. This is the reason why we Shinjuku natives launched this media letting you visitors get the info you want before you fall into information maze.

Shinjuku Tube column

  • Join the festival and Mikoshi portable shrine parade at Junisoh Kumano Jinja Shrine. Junisoh Kumano Jinja Shrine Festival in 2019 Date: Sep 21(Sat) – Sep 22(Sun) 宵宮(Yomiya: Festival-eve): Sep 21(Sat) 大祭式(Taisai shiki: Grand festival): Sep22(Sun) 11:30 – Place: [ MAP ]...

  • Any gourmets who want to try extremely spicy foods, this is the event for you! Extremely Hot Gourmet Festival 2019 Date: Aug 7(Wed) – Sep 18(Wed) Time: 11:00 – 21:00 1st round: 8 days between Aug 7(Wed) – Aug 14(Wed) 2nd round: 6 days between Aug 16(Fri) – Aug 21(Wed) 3rd round: 6 days between Aug 23(Fri) – Aug 28(Wed) 4th round: 6 days between Aug 30(Fri) – Sep 4(Wed) 5th round: 6 days between Sep 6(Fri) – Sep 11(Wed) 6th round: 6 days between Sep 13(Fri) – Sep 18(Wed) Place: Shinjuku Kabukichou Okubo park [ MAP ] Entrance fee: Free......

  • Eisa Festival to be held on Jul 27th, 2019 in Shinjuku. Eisa is a traditional Okinawa dance well known among Japanese. Date: Jul 27th(Sat), 2019 Time: 12:00 – 20:00 Place: Shinjuku Street (From Shinjuku Alta to Marui Annex) Fee: Free...

  • Ground cherry market:  7 May 24 (Wed) – 25 (Thu) Awa dance tournament: 7 May 26 (Fri) – 27 (Sat)     Official HP